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Clients Terms and Conditions

The following Client Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of my professional services. By making an appointment, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms and conditions, then you should not book an appointment or continue with your course of therapy.

Article 1 : Services

The Practitioner offers a Rapid Transformational Program for individuals wishing to improve their quality of life through the identification and reprogramming of unwanted symptoms, thought or behavioral patterns. The aim of this program is to develop and implement strategies to help you, the client, achieve your life goals.

This program combines two methods to facilitate the reprogramming process:

  • RTT® (Rapid Transformation Therapy®) hypnosis, developed by Marisa Peer, is used to identify the root cause of a symptom and/or behavioral pattern, and then to reprogram and transform it.

  • The Somato-Psychic wave is activated using the Spinal Flow® Technique designed by Dr. Carli Axford. The Somato-Psychic wave releases blockages stored deep within the Nervous System, creates an internal reference signal that increases the body's resistance to stress, and enhances the mobility of the entire system.


The program consists of 1-3 hypnosis session(s) plus

ten Spinal Flow sessions and is realized in 5 stages:

1.1 - Initial consultation: 30 min – 1 hour

The aim is to clarify the presenting problem that needs to be addressed, and to identify the benefits expected by the customer. The client confirms his/her willingness to commit to the program and provides availability for subsequent appointments.

1.2 - Hypnosis session: 1h30 to 2h00

The aim is to identify past events, blockages and/or conditioning, in order to free oneself from them. This hypnosis session can take place either in person or by video-conference.

1.3 - 21-Day customized transformation recording

You will be provided with a 20-minute transformation recording module following your hypnosis session.

The aim of this module is to "reprogram" your brain with new, constructive beliefs. Because the mind learns by repetition, it is recommended that you listen to it every day and for 21 days. WARNING: it is not advisable to listen to your recording while driving, or during any activity requiring your concentration.

1.4 - Ten Spinal Flow sessions

These sessions will be scheduled at the rate of 2 sessions / week following your hypnosis session. Allow 1 hour for the first session to complete your mobility assessment. Subsequent sessions last 45 minutes each. The sessions take place lying down on a massage table, comfortably dressed and without any manipulation.

The aim here is to activate the somato-psychic wave via the access points, in order to release blockages stored deep within the Nervous System, as well as to bring greater presence and comfort to your being during your transformation process.

1.5 - Feedback and final evaluation session

After 21 days of listening to your customized recording, the feedback session assesses the transformation achieved, the resolution of the presenting problem and any secondary benefits.

Article 2 : Payment

Payment is due prior to the first hypnosis session by cash, check and/or bank transfer.

Sessions may be rescheduled by either of us with a minimum of 48 hours' notice.

In the event of no-show or cancellation within 48 hours, the full value of the session will be invoiced and you will be responsible for its payment.

In accordance with applicable regulations, in the event of total or partial non-payment, the sums due will bear interest equal to three times the legal interest rate. A flat-rate indemnity of 40 Euros will also be payable to cover collection costs.

You can contact your practitioner, Nivea Loiselle DE OLIVEIRA, between sessions via

e-mail: and/or Whatsapp: +33 641586608

Your practitioner will reply within 24 hours of receiving your message.

Article 3 : Protocol Features and Responsibility

3.1 Practitioner responsibility

Your Practitioner subscribes to and abides by the Hypnologist's Code of Ethics and the Hypnologist's Charter of Ethics, acting at all times with integrity, responsibility, competence, respect and professionalism.

3.2 Customer responsibility

You have absolute control over yourself throughout the hypnosis session. You can easily remove yourself from the hypnotic state at any time. Under no circumstances you have to accept any suggestion from your RTT® practitioner if it doesn't suit you. What's more, your desire to be hypnotized is imperative to the functioning of RTT® hypnosis. If you don't want to be hypnotized, hypnosis doesn't work.

RTT® hypnosis and/or the Spinal Flow® technique are not a substitute for medical consultation, diagnosis or prescription. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor or an emergency service, who alone are in a position to assess your state of health.

If you suffer from severe psychosis or have been diagnosed with a personality disorder such as bipolar disorder, RTT® hypnosis is strongly discouraged. These pathologies are known as "dissociative", sometimes accompanied by personality disorders and chronic or permanent difficulty in dealing with reality. As hypnosis also uses dissociation, it could amplify this psychic imbalance.

It is IMPORTANT not to stop or modify any medication and/or treatment without your doctor's prior consent.

Article 4 : Specifications of the protocol followed and liability

Generally speaking, the Practitioner cannot be held responsible for failure to achieve the objective defined during the initial session, nor for any indirect prejudice whatsoever, in connection with the client's participation in the program mentioned herein.

Article 5 – Confidentiality and protection of personal data

5.1 Non-disclosure

The Practitioner undertakes, throughout the duration of the program and for a period of fifteen years after the last session, for any reason whatsoever, to maintain complete confidentiality, and to refrain from disclosing, directly or indirectly, any information whatsoever obtained in the course of carrying out the above-mentioned program.

Both RTT® hypnosis and the Spinal Flow® technique are methods protected by trade secrecy, and you agree not to disclose any part of these methods without prior authorization.

5.2 Personal data

The Practitioner collects your data in his capacity as data controller, for the purpose of providing the agreed service, in particular your surname, first name, e-mail address and telephone number.

The legal basis for processing personal data is the contractual performance of the service, as well as the Practitioner's legitimate interest (billing, legal newsletter, proof of performance).

The Practitioner does not collect any health or sensitive data within the meaning of the RGPD. Bouger - Respirer - Vivre Pleinement pursues a legitimate interest in publicizing its services by transmitting general or personalized promotional or commercial information. You can object to these mailings or withdraw your consent at a later date by sending an e-mail to

The Practitioner ensures compliance with legal and regulatory obligations when implementing processing for the purpose of accounting.

Bouger - Respirer - Vivre Pleinement and Nivea Losielle DE OLIVEIRA only keeps data for as long as is necessary for the operations for which it was collected, and in compliance with current regulations, according to the following periods:



Under the conditions defined by the French Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Regulation, individuals have the right to access, rectify, oppose, limit, transfer and delete data concerning them.

The individuals concerned by the implemented processing also have the right to object, at any time and for reasons related to their particular situation, to the processing of personal data based on legitimate interests of Bouger - Respirer - Vivre Pleinement, as well as the right to object to commercial prospecting, by writing to

Article 6  – Intellectual Property

The RTT® protocol and the accompanying audio transformation module, as well as the Spinal Flow technique, are tools protected by intellectual and industrial property law. You agree not to reproduce, make available to the public, divulge or exploit in any form whatsoever, directly or indirectly, all the elements used or made available to you for the purposes of this Rapid Transformation program


Article 7  – Miscellaneous

7.1 Non-transferability

As the present contract has been concluded intuitu personae, it may under no circumstances be assigned or transferred, nor may the rights and obligations contained therein be transferred to any person, and in any form whatsoever, by either of the Parties without the express, prior and written agreement of the other Party.

7.2 Majeur Force

The Parties shall not be held liable, or deemed to have failed to fulfill their obligations, for any delay or non-performance of their obligations when the cause of such delay or non-performance is due to a majeur force event, as defined by French law and jurisdictions.

7.3 Partial Nullity

The nullity or inapplicability of any provision of the Contract shall not affect the validity of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect. However, the Parties may mutually agree to replace the invalidated provision(s).

Article 8 : Applicable Law

The contract is governed by French law.

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