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This Rapid Transformational Program™ allows you to lift the brakes and the blocks that stop you from changing gears towards achieving rapidly your objectives today.

It helps you update and/or re-program strategies that no longer serve you; translating into the enhanced and desired quality of life you aspire to.



to target the 3 essential pillars of your successful and sustainable transformation:

I. Enabling you to communicate directly and truthfully with your subconscious mind.

II. Working with your body's innate healing potential.


III. Strengthening your nervous system resiliency.

see below for more details...

Two methods are combined
to facilitate your
transformation process:

  • RTT® (Rapid Transformation Therapy®) hypnosis, developed by Marisa Peer, is used to identify the root cause of a symptom and /or behavioural pattern, and then to reprogram and transform it.

  • The somato-psychic wave is activated using the Spinal Flow® Technique designed by Dr. Carli Axford. The Somato-Psychic wave releases blockages stored deep in the Nervous System, creating an internal reference signal that increases the body's resistance to stress, and enhancing the mobility of the entire system.


The program consists of 1 to 3 hypnosis session(s) plus ten Spinal Flow sessions and is achieved in 5 stages:

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1. Free Call: 30 mi

Let's identify the priority issues to be addressed and  the benefits that you expect. We confirm your motivation to get involved and your availability to follow the program.


2. Hypnosis session: 1h30 to 2 hours

The aim is to identify past events, blockages and/or conditioning, in order to free yourself from them. This hypnosis session can take place either face-to-face or by videoconference.

Cool Headphones

3. 21-day of listening to your tailor-made transformation recording

Following your hypnosis session, you will be provided with a 20-minute customized transformation recording. The aim of this recording is to "reprogram" your brain with new, constructive beliefs. Because the mind learns by repetition, you agree to listen to it every day and for 21 days.


WARNING: it is not advisable to listen to your recording while driving, or during any activity requiring your concentration.

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4. Ten Spinal Flow sessions

5. Feedback and evaluation session

These sessions will be scheduled at the rate of 2 sessions / week following your hypnosis session. Allow 1 hour for the first session to complete your mobility assessment. Subsequent sessions last 45 minutes each.


Sessions take place lying down on a massage table, dressed comfortably and without any manipulation.

The aim here is to activate the somato-psychic wave using access points in order to release blockages stored deep in your Nervous System, and to bring greater presence and comfort to your being during your transformation process.

After 21 days of listening to your customized recording, the feedback session assesses the transformation achieved, the resolution of the problem and any secondary benefits.

The OBJECTIVE of this RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM being to target the 3 essential pillars of your successful and sustainable transformation:



I. Enabling you to communicate directly and honestly with your subconscious mind

This program has successful and long-lasting results because it works with the root cause of the undesired symptoms and behavioural patterns, re-framing and transforming the associated conditioning by communicating the desired suggestions to your subconscious mind.

Every thought you have creates a physical and emotional reaction (Charles Tebbetts). The resulting emotions then dictate your actions and behaviours, which, in turn, provokes new thoughts supporting your first thought and closing the loop. Hence it is obvious if we wish to change actions, we must begin by changing the thoughts.

According to Charles Tebbetts, another ‘rule of the mind’ is that the greater the conscious effort, the less the subconscious response. If you have insomnia you've learned "the harder you try to go to sleep, the more wide awake you become." This demonstrates why "willpower" doesn't really works. What truly works is to negotiate with your subconscious mind by offering suggestions of what you want and by developing a positive mental expectancy that your problem can be and will be solved. The subconscious can be persuaded, but it cannot be forced without resistance.

Any event/ situation in which one is unable to change the situation’s outcome will always leaves its mark in the subconscious mind, becomes stored in the body, “keeping the score” (Bessel Van Der Kolk), and disrupting the functioning of the nervous system. This creates further undesired symptoms and behavioural patterns.


II. Working with your body's innate healing potential

Access points (at the interface between the spinal column and the central nervous system) activate the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system, which provides the energy needed for healing and transformation. A precise and gentle touch on the access points also activates your spinal column's natural undulation process. These undulations (respiratory and somato-psychic waves) suspends tissue anchors and transforms the energy accumulated in these tensions into energy conducive to healing and optimal functioning of the system as a whole.

The nervous system functions better, and improved coordination between the brain and the rest of the body enables the body to cope better with life's stresses, demands and traumas.


III. Strengthening your nervous system resiliency

The spinal wave destabilizes the sensory-motor strategies (anchors) associated with anxiety pattern physiology, thereby reducing resistance to change and facilitating your transformation. This creates an internal reference signal that increases your body's resistance to stress.

This program helps you reprogram and transform everything that's obsolete and no longer serves you. You rapidly achieve the quality of life you aspire to.

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