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I am Nivea Loiselle

a Rapid Transformation Therapy® (RTT®), a Feldenkrais® and a Spinal Flow® practitioner, a scientist and a curious individual whose goal is to help you transform and fully live the quality of life you desire today.



Using practical methods and tools to bring body and mind into mutual harmony, but also developing one’s intuition and sensitivity to become both curious about, and aware of the great potential that exits within each of us. This approach allows you to optimize your mobility, mood and energy; enabling you to :

Move more Freely

Breathe more Deeply and

Live more Fully


Helping you become aware of what you do (how you organize yourself), and accompany you in the re-discovering of what ease and comfort taste like. You become aware of the tensions (and unresolved past and current stressful experiences) you are holding in your body; allowing you to spontaneously move and breathe to release them. Once your communication systems becomes free of interference, we can begin exploring and enhancing your infinite possibilities



Because my life’ experience has given me all the proof I need that it is possible in deed to update our obsolete programming and beliefs and change our habits.

Self-portrait of Nivea


From researching and working at reducing human impact on the ecosystems sustaining us, I simply shifted my focus onto the impact, each of us has, on our own health and quality of life. This shift in focus came after experiencing the loss of various abilities following a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2001.


Throughout my recovery, I was extremely frustrated by the lack of effective solutions to help me rebuild my life. This frustration was compounded by a sense of injustice when. later on, I was diagnosed with a number of autoimmune diseases.

Although I was considered a miracle by the medical system, it did not remove the struggles and despairs to achieve recovery of what I considered a healthy and balanced life, but I had found my purpose in life. To learn about gaining greater freedom and flexibility in face of unforeseen life events, and to help others achieve the same.

Close to 25 years at studying and putting into practice a large number of modalities in order to find a way that guaranteed to help you transform your programming and regain control over your quality of life. Because each and every one of us deserves to live a quality of life that's worth living for.


RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy® (2023-2024)

Spinal Flow® Technique (2020-2024)

Unlearning Pain Therapy - Dr. Howard Schubiner (2023)

Feldenkrais® Method GCFP, Aurillac, FRANCE (2017-2022)
Vagal Toning Program, Rewire Therapy Institute (2022)
Usui Reiki Ryoho, Shinpiden: Reiki Level III – Master (2018)
Yoga Alliance RYT 200h Yin Yoga (2016)
Yoga Alliance RYT 200h Hatha Yoga (2014)
M. Eng QHSE, France (2012-2014)
M. Sc. Environmental sciences, Canada (2000-2005)

Logo de la Technique Certifiante d'Hypnose RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy®)
Logo du Syndicat des Métiers de l'Hypnose
Logo du practicien à la Technique Certifiante Spinal Flow®
Logo de Feldenkrais Education, Centre de Formation Certifiante à la Méthode Feldenkrais®, Aurillac, France
Photo of Nivea teaching Yoga


« Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns

except our belief that they are so.»

Moshé Feldenkrais




we need to be adaptable and flexible in the different response we use to face the ever-changing conditions our environment presents us with.

Photo of Nivea Trail Running Chamonix-Zermat

We are never too old to learn something new.
All the programs that have been installed can be updated and/or transformed.

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