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Hatha Yoga

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THIS PRACTICE ALLOWS… The path or progression of yoga is an art of living; it is a science that enables us to understand man as a whole, both materially and spiritually. HATHA YOGA enables the harmonization and development of psychological (concentration, serenity) and bodily (power and suppleness) infinite faculties and possibilities. In practice, Hatha Yoga combines breath control (pranayama) with physical postures (asanas), mantras and meditation. The synchronization of conscious breathing and body movements not only enhances the performance and efficiency of ones mobility, but also helps us to better manage our emotions and daily stresses. Regular practice leads to greater mental clarity and a more precise awareness of our relationship with our environment. THE OBJECTIVE BEING… To learn a way of life that not only leads to greater self-awareness, but also to a healthier body and a more resilient nervous system in the face of life's ups and downs. In short, a regular practice of Hatha Yoga enables you to: • strengthen and tone muscles: maintaining the postures helps to strengthen the muscles in depth. This has an effect on your posture and tones your spine, which in turn affects the rest of your body. • improve your overall health: Hatha Yoga helps balance hunger, aid digestion, eliminate tension, improve organ function and promote restful sleep. • increase your immune system resiliency: stretching and contracting muscles, and moving organs, helps our lymphatic system remove toxins from the body and fight infection. • restore suppleness: Hatha Yoga helps to increase the elasticity of connective tissue, i.e. the cells that bind muscle fibres deep down. • bring peace and concentration: yoga practice teaches you to be in the present moment, the only space where you have a choice of your response. • recharge your batteries: the practice of 'Suria Namaskar' or Sun Salutation has been designed to increase blood circulation, boost body heat and prepare muscles for more demanding activity. You'll emerge both invigorated and with phenomenal concentration! WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Yoga is a practice with a universal vocation that adapts to each and all practitioners. Yoga is also a practice devoid of any spirit of performance or competition. Whatever your age, shape or size, there's no such thing as a "good" or "bad" level: we simply adapt the postures to our own abilities.


  • Gap, Hautes-Alpes, France

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